Downloading Music: Deemix

February 22, 2022 By AnvilKilo

First, you need to download deemix from their official website. Personally, I use the GUI version, so that’s what I’ll be demonstrating, but there is a CLI if you’d like to try your hand with that.

Download the version for your operating system. Open the setup tool and click “I Agree”.

Next, you’ll be prompted to chose whether to install deemix for all users, or just the current one.

Don’t mind the red scribbles, just crossing out information that won’t be there on your first setup. Now, choose the location you want Deemix to install in.

After it’s finished, run Deemix, and you’ll be taken to a home screen.

Click the settings tab on the sidebar, and you’ll be redirected to this screen.

You’ll need to login, using your Deezer account’s email and password, or ARL (which can be found here). Once that’s done, you’re free to start downloading! Just search, then download!

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