De-bloat JD2

March 4, 2022 By Cain

JDownloader2 (JD2) is a very common method for DDLing from a variety of sites, especially Google Drive. However, it’s quite bloated out of the box. So, how can you remove the bloat?

Installing JDownloader2

Of course you must have JDownloader2 installed already, and you can get it from Click on your operating system and go through the usual steps of installing the program.


Open the settings panel. Click on Advanced Settings.

In the search bar, type Premium Alert and disable all three of the options. They should be:

GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Premium Alert Task Column
GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Premium Alert Speed Column
GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Premium Alert ETA Column

Next, type in Oboom and disable the value: GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Special Deal Oboom Dialog Visible On Startup.
Then, type in Special Deals and disable the value: GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Special Deals.
Then, type in Donate and switch the value: GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Donate Button State to Hidden (usermode).
Finally, type in Banner and disable GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Banner.

That’s it! Your JD is now ad-free!

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